About Jeff Bowman

As the leader of Caterpillar eBusiness, my team is responsible for defining and executing our online customer strategy.  We deliver digital marketing, sales and support capabilities around the globe.  I’m learning a lot along the way from Caterpillar and Cat dealer pros, from suppliers and other market leaders, and especially from my team.  I enjoy connecting new ideas and technologies to make a great company better and I look forward to sharing from the insights I’ve gained.  All perspectives here are my own and do not reflect Caterpillar’s positions or views.

I grew up in Northeast Indiana, graduated from Stanford University, and spent fifteen years working in business process and technology consulting and management roles.  I live in Peoria, IL with my wife, Elana, and our eight children, ages twenty to one.  In between birthday celebrations, we enjoy time on the motorcycle, time on the tennis court, and time reading just about anything.  In good years and bad, I cheer for the Indiana Pacers.  I’m over the questionable calls in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Chicago Bulls.


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