The Business of Relationships Online

Your Customer wants to thumbkiss.

I met my wife, Elana, on about four years ago. I was reluctant to share this until more recently, mostly from my unease with online dating stigmas, like a sense that going online indicates failure at traditional methods and even a willingness to accept less (a.k.a., desperation!). An ironic interpretation for a digital marketing leader at a Fortune 50 Continue reading

Undead Defense: 5 Ways to Survive Zombie Apocalypse & Business Transformation

Zombie Defense

As pop culture makes us ever-aware, few predicaments are as dire and imminent as the Zombie Apocalypse. As much as we try to take the evidence and media examples in stride, it’s hard to escape a sense of helplessness. In the business world, we live with the equally unsettling likelihood of business transformation failure. In his 1996 book Leading Change, Harvard Continue reading