Three Social Business Adoption Best Practices (Video)

Jeff with Sandy Carter from IBM

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to discuss social business adoption with Sandy Carter, VP of Social Business Sales & Evangelism at IBM. I shared the following three best practices: (1) Make it agile by valuing progress over perfection; (2) Make it financial by tying it closely to what is being measured by the business (sales); and (3) Continue reading

The Business of Relationships Online

Your Customer wants to thumbkiss.

I met my wife, Elana, on about four years ago. I was reluctant to share this until more recently, mostly from my unease with online dating stigmas, like a sense that going online indicates failure at traditional methods and even a willingness to accept less (a.k.a., desperation!). An ironic interpretation for a digital marketing leader at a Fortune 50 Continue reading

Social Business: Beyond Trickle-Down Social Media

At their Connect 2013 conference, IBM highlighted a growing body of research and client examples that demonstrate that companies adopting a social approach to business have the advantage in the marketplace (see related infographic). Their designation “social business” means incorporating social behavior into business execution to improve all aspects from product development through marketing, sales and support. ┬áIt includes collaboration Continue reading